What can Botanical Medicine do for your Hair?

Botanical medicine uses plants to treat disease, which has been common practice throughout cultures around the world since medicinal practices were founded in pre-history. Botanical medicine is also referred to as “herbal remedies,” but not all plant parts used in botanical medicine are herbs. Bark, roots, and seeds are also used, among other parts of the plant.

A popular use for botanicals is hair care. Botanical hair care can be used to treat dry scalp and damaged hair, and some companies even offer botanical hair dye, for those who are health conscious or allergic to the traditional chemical bases in dyes. Traditional hair dyes tend to damage and dry out your hair, but botanical hair dye often uses henna and amla. Not only does it not damage your hair like the chemicals in drug store or salon dyes, but it also reduces the risk of allergic reactions and it may even improve your hair.

Botanicals in hair care also offer leave in moisturizers, aroma-therapeutic essential oils that can help heal your scalp and damaged hair, and scalp exfoliation, all using natural substances from the earth. The best way to keep up with your hair health is to let it do its own thing naturally, and utilizing what the earth gave us to do is the best way to treat your hair and scalp to the ultimate spa treatment.

Botanical hair care

Botanicals have been used in medicine since ancient times. It has been used to treat wounds, illness, and to aid in bodily processes. To use this system of all-natural treatment to aid in hair health and scalp treatments is only an extension of something that has been used by people for millennia, ensuring that your treatment is not only natural and good for you, but also tried and true.