Professional Facials vs At-Home Facials

Nothing’s more relaxing then applying a face mask and sinking into a bath after a long day’s work. It’s nice to pamper yourself and treat your skin to something rejuvenating, and there’s nothing wrong with a home spa day to keep you young, but there’s a reason why there are facial rockville md professionals available to give you treatments other than that coconut milk mask you got at the drug store. Once in a while you need a deep-reaching professional facial.

While facials that we give ourselves at home can keep us moisturized and treat out acne, a professional facial does the same but with greater impact. A facial that we have done by an esthetician at a salon can treat our acne scars, rosacea, dark spots, uneven texture, and can help treat dry or oily skin. Young people with acne problems can get a professional facial for treatment, and those of us with aging skin can receive facials for fine lines and loosening skin. A facial can restore elasticity to our skin and help keep under eye circles and sun damage at bay.

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Not only are there many benefits of facials that help keep you skin healthy, having one done by a professional can allow you to relax and wash away the stressed of the day. Professional facials are also deep cleansing. We can cleanse our skin only so deeply at home, but a trained professional has all the products and techniques they need to make sure you skin is thoroughly remedied.

Professional facials also come with massages which relieve tensions and promote blood circulation in your skin. You may be able to give yourself a quick facial massage at home but only a trained professional can do it in such a way that circulates oxygen and leaves your skin glowing. A professional facial is the annual check-up and procedure, while facials done by yourself at home are the keep-up treatments.